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Previous Initiatives

Dunn And Drew's Jaguars Experience

Raffle for the kids

Raffle tickets were purchased by Jaguars fans and charity supporters alike for$10 (1 raffle ticket entry)

There were 2 winners EACH home game and they were each allowed bring 1 guest. Winners were able to Tailgate AND enjoy the game with Dunn and Drew, the hosts of the Dunn and Drew Show.​


- All money raised went towards helping children in need during the holiday season in 2023!



Head On Youth Impact in collaboration with John Phillips

PS5 Donated to Brooks Rehab wing for children to work on fine motor skills.

Toys donated to Wolfson Children's Hospital

Toys donated to UF Children's Hospital

St. Joseph's Women's Hospital- AngelEye Health Camera Project  

December of 2022, we sponsored two (2) AngelEye Health camera systems in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. Joseph's Women's Hospital in Tampa, Florida. We understand how hard it can be to leave a newborn in the NICU at anytime much less around the holiday's. 

These camera's ensured that no matter where the family was located, they could have eyes on their new addition in the family. It also meant that if a family member from another state or country wanted to check in on the new baby, they could in real time. 

These camera's are sponsored through December of 2023 currently. 

While at St. Josephs we also donated toys for the children's unit of the hospital.

Patrick and his Wife present our donation to St.Joseph's Women's Hospital*


AngelEye Health Camera*

Chris and Patrick present toys to children at St.Joseph's Women's Hospital for the holiday's.*

If you want to be involved in providing camera coverage for the next year please go to our "How Can You Help tab", or feel free to "Contact Us".

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