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Our Initiatives

NFL Custom Rookie Shoes 2022
*On going*

The H.E.A.D On Youth Impact team are all big NFL fans and thought what better way to raise money #forthekids, than creating CUSTOM 1/1 collectible items for the hottest rookies coming out of the 2022 NFL Draft.

We partnered up with a local artist @mitchkawellcustoms (Instagram) to create 8 custom pairs of Nikes, each one unique. We will be doing our best to get each pair of shoes SIGNED by the rookie they have painted on them. We will then raffle the shoes to raise funds to purchase sneakers for underprivileged youth.

We decided that each pair of shoes raffled will go towards the players NFL Club town and/or their hometown. 

We STILL need to bring awareness to these shoes so we can get the rest signed so we can increase raffle sales and purchase as many pairs of shoes possible for the children that really need it. 



Steelers QB Kenney Picket Signing his custom Nike's #forthekids

Lions DE Aiden Hutchinson Signing his custom Nike's #forthekids

Jaguars DL Travon Walker Signing his custom Nike's #forthekids

If you can help us contact any of the remaining players or even just want to be informed of the raffles going live, please don't hesitate to "Contact Us".

If you want to be involved in providing shoes for children in need please go to our "How Can You Help tab". 

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